Titanium Treasury is a treasury outsourcing services company which manages your treasury function and treasury risk, specialising in foreign exchange and foreign exchange risk. 
Titanium Treasury was born out of frustration in sending money across borders.
It was extremely expensive and cumbersome to transfer funds abroad. Also there being no global currency, funds doesn't flow freely and banks provides so many services that they do not specialise or concentrate on only one service, such as foreign exchange alone.
Being in the financial industry for over 30 years combined, the founders of Titanium Treasury, believed money is supposed to flow freely, be hassle free and at lower costs. Others felt the same way too and so Titanium Treasury was born.
Titanium Treasury now provides bank-beating exchange rates with exceptional service.
We have also started and grown the business without any borrowings or external investments, and thus have no financial liabilities at all.
If this speaks to you, rest assured that we are fluent in foreign exchange and speaks your currency.










Committed to excellence in all we do, Titanium Treasury, leverages the talent and expertise of their directors which has more than 30 years combined experience in the financial industry. Balancing and combining the skill of a Doctorate Degree in Financial Management and working for the Ministry of Finance and National Treasury, our team is committed to offer a fearless, fair and fast service.
Our team is based in the financial hub of the Gaborone International Finance Park, Botswana and plans of expanding throughout the rest of Africa based on unique value propositions.
Our team are actively capitalising on the growth opportunities that play to our strengths in Southern Africa and focus on creating value. Built on a deep understanding of our clients’ needs, we are well positioned to add value to all our clients.
Our team works with integrity, we value our relationships with the communities in which we work, our customers and employees. For Social Responsibility we have also setup a charitable trust, which identifies the most deprived and vulnerable communities and people and aims to uplift them.
Our team is fluent in foreign exchange and speaks your currency.

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Direct FX Dealing Desk Line: +267 72 906 291 (call or whatsapp for rate quotes and bookings)

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